A Paradise Under Threat

Coming to a Cove Near You

Lake Burton, Georgia

A Paradise Under Threat

The pristine waters and serene landscapes of Lake Burton face unprecedented challenges. Recent activities at the Waterfall Club have triggered environmental concerns that demand our immediate attention.


Lake Burton, once a symbol of untouched beauty, now stands at a crossroads. 
The actions and developments at the Waterfall Club have cast a shadow over its future.

The Changing Face of Lake Burton


The Silent Suffering of Lake Burton

Somebody just back of you while you are fishing is as bad as someone looking over your shoulder while you write a letter to your girl.
From disrupted habitats to increased sedimentation, Lake Burton's ecosystem is showing signs of distress. The balance of life within its waters is at a tipping point.
Beneath the shimmering waters, a crisis unfolds. The lake's natural habitats are under siege, and its once-clear waters clouded by sediment.
Lake Burton's vibrant ecosystem, home to diverse flora and fauna, faces an uncertain future. The damages caused are more than just skin deep.

Your Lakefront Retreat at Risk

Our cherished properties around Lake Burton face potential devaluation and environmental degradation. It's time to safeguard our investments and the memories they hold.

The Dual Threat: Environment and Equity

The beauty of Lake Burton is intertwined with the value of our properties. As the lake suffers, so does the worth of our lakefront homes.

Protecting Our Lakefront Legacy

As homeowners, we've invested in a dream by the lake. But the ongoing environmental issues threaten not just the environment but also the value and sanctity of our properties.


Lake Burton's Delicate Balance at Risk

Our beloved Lake Burton is undergoing changes, not all of them natural. The activities at the Waterfall Club have set in motion a series of environmental repercussions.